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Gifts in Honor / In Memory

In 2017, the following individuals are remembered and honored by our donors:

James L. Akers, Jr.

Deborah E. Patton

The Honorable Paul Carey

William R. Baker, III

James Cheek

David A. Katz

David Ferber

Michael Stewart

Solomon Freedman

Alan S. Mostoff

Mukul M. Gupta

Parveen P. Gupta

Jonathan Levin

Ezra G. Levin

Martin E. Lybecker

David M. Lynn

John B. Manning, Jr.

Kenneth S. Spirer

Alan Levenson And Neal Mccoy

Robert H. Werbel

Sydney Mendelsohn

Phillip L. Kirstein

Richard M. (Dick) Phillips

Alan J. Berkeley

Irving Pollack

Phillip L. Kirstein

Linda C. Quinn

Kimberley S. Drexler

Terry Quinn

Robert E. Mclaughlin

David N. Reed and Norman M. Reed

Anne Reed

Peter J. Romeo

Ronald F. Hunt

Carla Rosati

Andrew And Cathy Carron
Stacy P. Chittick

Michael Stewart

Craig Stewart

Stanley Sporkin

Marc I. Steinberg

Harold M. Williams

Daniel L. and Angela C. Goelzer
Amy L. Goodman

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